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help a soldier with a traumatic brain injury sustained in duty.

i dont like talking about this but i dont know how else to put this, I NEED HELP from anyone who is willing to help me in anyway. i have been in the military for 3 years and 8 months. in 2010 i was seriously injured on my ship, on duty. i was reinjured a few more times since then. i was refused help until the beginning of this year. i was diagnoised with a traumatic brain injury, chronic post concussive syndrome, post traumatic migraines, post traumatic insomnia, PTSD, depression, adjustment disorder, myalgia, and myositis. i still am constantly fighting my symptoms every day and night. i was up for a medical retirement, but the military doesnt want to take liability for it and are processing me out with a negative discharge. i have been demoted, harassed, embarrassed, lied to, threated, they have cut my pay more than once, they have put me in prison, they have thrown me in the psych ward twice, they are doing what every they want to try and break me down. i am asking everyone and anyone if they know someone that is in politics or the military or just someone who is willing to stand beside me and help me in this battle. i fought for this navy, my family and i made many sacrifices for this navy, i gave up alot for this navy. what did the navy do for me.... take, take, and take then turn their backs on me and leave me in the gutter. this is just a little taste of what has happened, so PLEASE if any of you know some one please ask if they would be willing to help. i have all the proof i need, now i need more people on my side. Thank you

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