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Stop the bombing in the Middle East!

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The US government has bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria during the last presidency, and the American people have had enough. We want our tax dollars spent on single-payer healthcare, better schools, more infrastructure, and other things that benefit us (the people paying taxes.)

We are not afraid of the middle east, which is an ocean and a continent away. We know it is not right or just to bomb them. And we know that money would be better spent at home, on our own people.

The US has nearly 800 military bases overseas (according to Wikipedia), and there is also no justification for that. The military budget should not be half of the GDP of our nation! 

So what we are asking is that no bombing of any country will take place without an official vote from Congress and the approval of the US population. We are asking that overseas military facilities be slated to close, and that we focus on defending our own boarders (both land and sea) in lieu of killing strangers half a world away who have not threatened us. 

We want our tax dollars spent on our own people, here in this country. 

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