US Mayors: End US-Russia Sister City Relationships!

US Mayors: End US-Russia Sister City Relationships!

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Tracy Goodman started this petition to US Mayors

Maintaining Russian sister city ties is morally indefensible. Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine is an unprovoked act of aggression against a sovereign country, committing mass killings, rape, torture, burning of cities, and setting up filtration camps in the Russian-occupied territories. 

The City of Portland, as well as most US Cities, has not yet severed its ties with its sister city of Russia. We must demand change. Unlike most Russians, we can publicly tell elected representatives to change course without fearing repression. Let's do it!

Reasons to sever these ties include:

  • Russian officials can use sister city ties as part of their propaganda that "All is well."
  • Hundreds of businesses are severing their ties to Russia to communicate their condemnation of Russian aggression and war crimes.
  • Many international sports associations and events prohibit Russian contestants.
  • Any Western government support for voluntary associations with official Russian organizations weakens Western unity on condemnations and sanctions to discourage Russian aggression.

Atrocities perpetrated against Ukraine by US Russian sister cities include:

  • One of the Russian brigades that raped, tortured, and murdered citizens in Bucha, Ukraine was a brigade from the Khabarovsk Krai of Russia – Khabarovsk is the sister city of Portland, Oregon. 
  • Some of the deadliest Russian missiles are designed and manufactured in Yekaterinburg – Yekaterinburg is still a sister city of San Jose, California.

Tell US Mayors:

"Don't make any excuses; don't maintain relations with Russia. And please don't let those who became murderers call your cities their sister cities." ~President Zelenskyy at the United States Conference of Mayors meeting, June 3, 2022.

SIGN THE PETITION - Every voice needs to be heard, regardless of your zip code, regardless of your country. Join your name alongside others from the US and those around the world:

  • to demand US Mayors cut ties with Russian sister cities.
  • to signal that the world condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine!

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We elect our leaders, fund our cities’ operations, and abide by its laws and regulations. We have a say in how our cities operate. 

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