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Victim of Unlawful and Illegal Drug Planting Now Paralyzed and Visually Impaired for Life!

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In 2007, a criminal complaint, as it was related to an alleged drug conspiracy, was brought against Karl White, Jr. in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This criminal complaint was the sum total of a crime created and orchestrated by the Michigan Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA), the Kalamazoo Department Of Public Safety and a certified informant name Larry TIllman, who was directly involved in what remains to this very day, the largest cocaine seizure in Kalamazoo County history.

This scheme to set up Mr. White is verified by the government's own audio recordings which were furnished to him by the prosecution in his discovery material. The informant, Mr. Tillman, can be heard instructing DEA Agents and police officials on how to set up a female driver in order to implicate and involve the passenger, Mr. White in this "so-called conspiracy".

While incarcerated at F.C.I. Three Rivers Texas, Mr. White contracted spinal menengitis; and as a result, he was on life support and comatose for nearly two months. After awakening from the coma, White found himself more than seventy pounds lighter, paralyzed from the waist down and suffering from extreme vision loss. He was then shipped to the Federal Medical Center located in Butner, North Carolina.

Now that he is in FMC Butner, Karl continues to be bedridden without receiving the medical care or rehabilitative treatment that would aide in his recovery. It wasn't until he suffered from a urinary tract infection for a period of approximately six months (the result of an improperly placed Foley catheter) that was he given access to hospital specialists. Subsequently, he was placed in solitary confinement in October '2016. (Please click here to read those details). To date, Mr. White has not seen a neurologist.

The government's creation of this fictional conspiracy for the sole purpose of a political agenda in Kalamazoo, Michigan resulted in the kidnapping and persecution of Mr. White. And as a result, he has suffered this unjust loss of precious years of his life, liberty and the pursuit of HIS happiness. The government has failed miserably in their definition of justice because the informant Larry Tillman only served a sentence of twenty-two months while Mr. White has now been incarcerated over ten years.

In 2016, Mr. Tillman wrote a letter to Mr. White, stating that he wanted to come forth and admit that he lied in order to save himself. Karl White was convicted - not based upon evidence, but upon the "this is a bad man" image projected by the prosecution. He is the victim of a crime that was maliciously created by corrupt cops who manipulated evidence and planted drugs on him. He remains bedridden and he continues to suffer from a serious brain injury.

He also feels that the grand jury did not indict him as he was informed by the Freedom of Information Act that they do not have any such record. The courts continue to hide behind a very suspicious cloud of corruption and with your help, they will be exposed and Mr. White can be freed from the unnecessary bondage that he has been subjected to.

The FBOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) has already made over $473,500 off of Karl Alan White's life. And even if the government compensates him for that amount times one million, this still will not make up for time lost. It will not heal the physical, emotional, mental and psychological pains in his soul.

Please sign this petition to help bring justice to Mr. White, and to fight the corruption in his case that has snuffed out ten years of his life.


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