Petition Update

Over 1000 and still climbing!

Rob Campbell
United States

Dec 5, 2011 — Wow we have already had our 1000th person to sign our petition. The outpouring of support is so heartwarming to our family. Thank you so much! Here is some advice from that they sent when we reached this milestone:

"This is a huge milestone or your campaign! 1000 signatures means that you have a campaign that has widespread support. Now it’s time to take your petition to the next level.

Start by getting some press attention! News outlets are always looking for stories that are interesting to their readers. And your campaign definitely is! So, write a letter to the editors of your local paper and tell them what you and your supporters have been doing. For tips on how to write a letter that will get published, read:"

Some of you may have this type of gift. If you feel moved to do so, please go write (pun) ahead!