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Help me get my babies back who were illegally taken!

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My name is Laura. In 2011 I lost custody of my 5 young children, then ages 1, 2, 4, 5 and 12. Judge Lynchard ruled my ex was more mentally & financially stable. I was a stay at home mom our entire 6 year marriage but I was diagnosed as bipolar after the birth of my 2nd child and I receive Social Security Disability for it. It did not help that I was suffering from extreme emotional abuse and there was complete lack of help of anything related to the caring for our children. But yet he was STILL able to win full custody because of my mental illness, despite my proof showing that I was being treated, medicated, and stable, EVEN stating that I was a fit custodial parent!! Judge Lynchard did not order for me to be court ordered evaluated nor did he give weight to the proof I provided from my psychiatrist stating that I was mentally stable even though I was suffering from emotional abuse. For the entire 6 and half year marriage I alone cared for them. I provided all of the children's medical and school records and mine was the only signature on there. Yet still, in the end when it came to the Albright Factors when he ruled on who was the primary caretaker, he ruled in BOTH our favors. Also as far as the law that marital property is to be split 50/50, he gave me absolutely NOTHING. All I got were the clothes on my back. I was not ordered to pay child support as he was not ordered to pay alimony. After the divorce he remarried & moved my kids to Georgia (only giving me 3 days notice. Not enough time to get an emergency restraining order to keep him from leaving). By the time we made it to court, they were gone and the kids were already in school. We had Judge Cobb for this case. I was not dealing well with my children being gone and on my oldest son's birthday I ended up going out and getting a DUI but still Judge Cobb was sympathetic because she could see how much I was grieving the loss of my children. Financially, I could not afford to just pick up and follow them to Georgia. On the day of the trial, Judge Cobb was not able to sit on the bench because her husband had just passed. Judge Lychard took the bench that day. I no longer had an attorney and I asked him for a continuance to retain council and wait till Judge Cobb, who had heard all the previous testimony was back. He denied my request. He ordered me that day to pay 50% of my disability check in child support, despite the statute that states it is 26% for 5 children and $20,000 in restitution. I was also given supervised visitation until I completed rehab. My FaceTime, Skype or phone visitation was also cut back from 3 days a week to 2. This is a complete injustice! This judge ignored my rights, the laws, and just ruled on his own opinion. What a GROSS misuse of power. No mother should be separated from her children or discriminated against due to a mental illness that is being treated! It is also illegal! And now what I have to deal with is denial of visitation and after 2 years of at least getting to see them grow through FaceTime, my ex has taken another promotion and moved to South Carolina after this past Christmas and decided I can now only have phone calls, no more FaceTime. I can not let this go on. Please, I need your help to right this wrong.

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