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US House of Representatives : COOPERATION OVER COMPETITION! Be The Change that Supports Immigration Reform.

I am extremely excited to announce that we are currently amidst what could potentially be historic Immigration Reform! This is an opportunity to, amongst many other things, keep families united & provide DREAMERS with a chance to fly. 

After months of negotiations, a bipartisan bill was created by a group of 8 senators popularly known as the 'Gang of 8'. Their combined efforts resulted in legislation which serves to solve a variety of immigration issues such as securing the border; creating a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants; and would implement new visa programs as well as adding improvements to some old policies. 

Fortunately, the U.S. Senate did their part in creating new possibilities for millions of immigrants & their families by passing this landmark bill. Now the future of America's immigration system is in the hands of the House of Representatives. We are depending on them to work together to create monumental change that will improve our current protocols. 

The passing of this comprehensive immigration reform bill would be a long awaited victory for immigrant communities. It would reflect the courage, integrity & unity of the people representing this nation. 

Now its your turn to do your part. Take a stand for equality! Be a contribution and support immigration reform because everyone matters, even illegal immigrants. 

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