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Stop Unauthorised US Air Strikes on Civilian Targets in Syria

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All acts of violence against civilians are unnecessary and cannot be justified by any religious, military or political purpose or reason. I call for decision makers to do everything within their powers to ensure acts of terrorism everywhere cease now.

US Air Strikes on civilian targets in Syria started in September 2014 and are accountable for hundreds of civilian deaths in the past few months alone. They are not authorised or sanctioned by any UN Mandate or international agreement

Targets include a School a Mosque and most recently a boat gathering. The strikes are not widely reported in the media, though they are often verified by the US Military.

Air Strikes on civilian targets are not required to fulfil military objectives. Other countries involved in the military coalition in Syria avoid civilian targets. In March, the UK Government claimed "no civilian casualties in Iraq or Syria, to date, have resulted from UK air strikes."

Unauthorised US Air Strikes on civilian targets in Syria is terrorism. The USA has no moral authority to condemn terrorism in the West whilst it commits terror in the Middle East.

I would like to end all terrorism, everywhere. I do not agree that targeting civilians In Syria or anywhere else in the world achieves any legitimate purpose. All civilian deaths must end now and the perpetrators, including US Politicians, must be held accountable for their unlawful and criminal acts.

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