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Read the Bible - 1

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July 2, 2013 (The 237th anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence)
5:50 AM to 9:11 AM Eastern US Time:
First, everyone has a moral obligation to sign and
share this petition with others, not only out of respect
for the Bible, but regardless of religious affiliation or not.
The Bible speaks directly to America today, and has
some very pointed words to say to people in positions
of public trust in Government in the USA, right now.
In this petition, we will see how the Bible speaks to
us concerning some very concrete reform measures
which are long overdue. After all, they were recommended
thousands of years ago, in plain language still
available to us today. Also, the measures called
for here are emergency issues in which people have
been in real and growing distress, and Government in
this country has not only done nothing respecting; but
has clearly shown that it is out of touch in a way that
insults these victims of injustice and hardship as described
The Bible is not just a prop to be trotted out on
Inauguration Day and in court proceedings.
Its words have a deeper meaning which must not
be held in contempt. The Bible is a founding document of
American history and heritage, which is relevant to everyone
in the United States of America, and to everyone in the world
who has been or will ever be affected in any way by what
goes on in the United States, even to those who have never
read the Bible, and those who do not believe in God,
or prophecy, or the power of the human spirit to
triumph over the frailties and limitations of the material
world. Whether you like the Bible or not, you cannot
separate it from American history. It is a founding
document of the United States, in the King James Version.
First, let us turn to Leviticus, Chapter 25, Verse Ten:
"...proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all
the inhabitants thereof..." This is inscribed in cast
metal on the Liberty Bell - which, incidentally, one of
my ancestors actually signed the original purchase
order for in Philadelphia, over 260 years ago.
The words on the Liberty Bell are taken out of context
in that context in which they are inscribed and cast.
What, then, is the full and more meaningful context?
Leviticus 25: 10 "And ye shall hallow the FIFTIETH
YEAR, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land
unto all the inhabitants thereof; it shall be a jubilee
unto you: and ye shall return every man unto his
The "fiftieth year"? In America?
What does that have to do with us? Wasn't that just
for the ancient Hebrews?
Could it be THIS YEAR? And does Government have
a deadline to meet with respect to Heaven?
Fifty years ago, in 1963, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
proclaimed liberty throughout all the land unto all the
inhabitants thereof. "I Have A Dream...."
...and so he did.
100 years ago, in 1913, there was the calm before
the storm - liberty from war throughout almost the
entire world. Woodrow Wilson had just become
President, hoping to usher in a new age of
progressivism - a type of liberty which had been
the focus of reform movements for nearly fifty
years preceding the time of Wilson.
1863 was the year of the Emancipation Proclamation,
in which Abraham Lincoln "proclaimed liberty throughout
all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof".
People may think 1813 doesn't ring a bell as
much as 1776, but you will learn otherwise here.
1813 was the second inauguration of James
Madison, the Father of the Bill of Rights, as
President. Think about that, and also think
about the fact that Madison's second term,
by the beginning of his second year in office,
saw the United States freed from the scourge
of war and foreign occupying armies which,
among other things, resulted in the burning
of the White House, and the razing of the capital
of Canada by Americans.
Madison proclaimed liberty throughout the land
at that time - and so did Francis Scott Key, with
the words, "Oh say, can you see, by the dawn's
early light...". Not only that, but 1813 was the year
of the Acta Solemne de al Declaracion de Independencia
de la America Septentrional: the Declaration of
Independence of North America, proclaimed in Mexico
from September 13, 1813 to November 6, 1813 by
Jose Maria Morelos (the successor to Father Hidalgo)
and the Mexican Congress.
1763 was the year in which North America was
again freed from the scourge of war, as a result
of the astute negotiating skills of Benjamin Franklin.
This year marked the true beginning of the United
States in terms of a national consciousness which
had begun to emerge during the preceding seven
years of war - a war in which the first shots were
actually fired by George Washington in 1755. It was
also the year of Pontiac's Conspiracy, in which
another and no less important kind of liberty was
proclaimed by the great Indian chief - who also had
a dream of a united and free America. It was he
who began the jubilee cycle in American history.
It was his successor, Tecumseh, who was killed
in the Battle of the Thames in 1813.
Clearly, we are in another jubilee year in 2013, and we
have a regularly scheduled rendezvous with history
whether we choose to see it coming or not.

We, the people of the United States, and our
President, have to MAKE IT HAPPEN! We cannot
stand idle and believe that our security-apparatchik
infested bureaucracies will do this for us. And I have
a word to say to all the Obama-bashers who read this:
You may not like him, for one reason or another or even
because of non-reason, but he is the only elected President
we have. His election is just as legitimate as that of any
other President we have had in history, or any other
leader anywhere in the world. Stop bashing "all politicians".
If you don't like them, elect different ones next time,
but we are a people of due process, and we will
accomplish a democratic revolution in America this
year without throwing a single elected official out of
office, except for those who are inaugurated due to
special elections and those who are ousted in
impeachments conducted according to due process.
What is the duty of Government, in its celebration of
the fifth Jubilee of the United States?
Leviticus 25: 9
"Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubilee
to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month...
throughout all your land." This could be anywhere
from July 10, 2013 to the fifth day before Sukkoth,
the ancient Jewish holiday, on the next occasion
for the Feast of Booths - which actually falls on
September 18 to 25, 2013.
The duties before us are clear, on a one-time basis
to be decreed and enacted by our Government this
year, and not to be repeated again until the year 2063:
Leviticus 25: 10, 13, 26-34 All the properties,
personal possessions, vehicles and conveyances
and work tools and other equipment which has been
taken under color of authority in averrable violation of
42 USC 1983, or unlawfully by foreclosure, or foreclosed
upon and confiscated by Sheriff sale processes, are
to be returned to the original owners wherever
possible, and all people who have been unjustly or
excessively sentenced or convicted of crimes in
violation of the Constitution, including all
prisoners who have been imprisoned
in any unjust way: are to be manumitted and pardoned
with sentences commuted, and permitted to return
to their families with their good names restored
through exoneration; and compensated for the
damages which have occurred due to injustices
inflicted wrongfully and with demonstrable harm.
Leviticus 25: 35-37 All interest and penalty charges
on all loans and billings shall be cancelled and forgiven
on behalf of individuals who have fallen behind in
their debts.
Leviticus 25: 39-40 All foreclosures will be cancelled,
all mortgage interest waived, and the terms and conditions
of mortgage foreclosure subject to negotiation rather
than judicial mandate.
Leviticus 25: 37 - 43 No American citizen shall be
subjected to conditions of prison chattel slavery,
or compelled to pay any debt to any prison-for-profit
system or corporation, or required to repay any
predatory lender or any other lender or lending
institution any amount greater than the principal
initially borrowed.
Leviticus 25: 45-46 Amnesty for illegal aliens, but
without the decree of the blanket option for US citizenship.
Illegal aliens who are granted amnesty will have the
option of applying for lawful permanent residency status
in the United States.
Leviticus 25: 47 - 55 Forgiveness for all debts
owed by individual US citizens to foreign banks,
partially foreign-owned lenders, and/or foreign nationals.
Leviticus 25: 11- 12 There is one type of "sowing and
reaping" that all Americans, even people who have
never been on a farm, participate in. And every one
of us is the "field" What we need is a jubilee from
political attack ads on television, in which the seeds
of political operatives are sown in hopes of a harvest
of votes at election time. The midyear elections of
2014 are over one year in the future. In American
politics, where it always seems to be open season
on everyone's reputation by everyone else, it is
time to give the rhetoric of rancor and partisan
political attack a rest for just one year. The
political attack industry and its employees can
figure out some other way to make money.
Of course, non-financed political speech should
be permitted - but the moneyed special interests
should "zip it" and give it a break for one year.
We don't need round-the-clock moneyed interests
bashing their opponents. We also don't need to
be asked for money to support this unnecessary
industry every time we turn around.
The second manifestation of sowing and
reaping which everyone participates in is the
sowing of spyware and throttleware on petitions,
and the reaping of the harvest of data on private
citizens. This should stop immediately in this
Year of Jubilee. Just because Government CAN
do something, doesn't mean it SHOULD do it.
Moreover, there should be no restarting of these
massive Government spyware and throttleware
programs. Instead, there should be a review of
Government handling of data, and an expungement
and destruction of all this massive data with the
exception of normal vital statistics which are collected
and retained in a harmless manner. (It is odd that the
same Government which "knows everything about everyone"
cannot even handle a simple request to give certain people born
in the United States a copy of their birth certificate!)
The President has been asked repeatedly
in many ways and many forms to grant the
52-part Pardon and Reprieve. This can be
found as the Facebook group identified by
the number 126111847544449. This is a
serious request to the President which has
been forwarded to several members of
Congress in hopes of reaching the President.
It has also been sent to foreign diplomatic
missions, as a precaution against the very real
possibility that the same security apparatchiks who
have been spying on Americans and everyone else
in the world, are also using their powers of surveillance
to interfere with communications from American citizens
to Members of Congress and the White House. Indeed,
there is no response from either the White House or Congress
to any communication from citizens, except inane form letters,
refusals which are completely devoid of any sense of fairness
and fund-raising appeals which are cranked out from machines.
And the only certain response to any citizen communication to
the White House or Congress is that the citizen will be put on
some type of grid to assess the threat level - a process which is
a stinging insult to democracy and to all who have fought and
died to defend it.
The fact that many foreign governments have taken
umbrage at US Government spying should not merely
result in a diplomatic tiff, or an inane litany of excuses
by Government security apparatchiks, and a return to
business-as-usual. Foreign governments should insist
that the President, as a precondition for returning relations
to normal, grant the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve as a
sign of good faith - and should also insist that every
condition in this petition be granted, and should insist
that the conditions enumerated in the change dot org
petition "President Obama Turn Over A New Leaf"
be granted; and that the President also officially endorse
the change dot org petition "Congress And State Governments:
Enact The Freedom Restoration Amendment (FRA)."
President Obama - see the dates set for the Jubilee
this year: July 10, 2013, or September 18 to 25, 2013.
Rather than procrastinate, a wise Government will follow
the advice of one of the wisest Americans ever to govern
in any capacity - Benjamin Franklin, who advises us to
"strike while the Iron is hot." July 10, 2013 would be
a good day for the President to grant the
52-part Pardon and Reprieve as asked;
as well as to pardon Maria Jose Carrascosa, and
John Kinsel, and others - and and to begin to
proclaim liberty throughout all the land
unto all the inhabitants thereof.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with
a single step. Therefore let us begin.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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