Aid For Children Traumatized by US Immigration Policies

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A broad range of medical and psychological experts, as well as the First Lady and Former First Ladies, as mothers have spoken clearly of the traumatizing effects of the forced separation of migrant, immigrant and asylum seeking children from their parents at US Border crossings and reports of vulnerable children being housed in frightening and non-supportive circumstances.  Already estimates of upwards of 10,000 children have been separated from their parents.  Whether these children are admitted legally or not to the United States, it is our moral responsibility to offer true aid for the psychological and emotional injuries and harms these policies are causing.  We petition the US Government to establish a fund to provide support to offer immediate psychological treatment for all these children regardless of citizenship and offer them permanent asylum as a path to legal immigration.  For those who become legal immigrants and citizens of the United States, psychological support should be provided on an ongoing basis, if needed, as restitution for this unnecessary harm caused by this policy.  Public and private scholarship funds should be established to support the academic flourishing of these children, in face of harms that in all probability will affect them for the rest of their lives.