US must release innocent Dr Afia Siddiqi from prison.

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Dr Afia Siddiqi was abducted several years ago and was illegally and secretly detained in America's Bugram military base in Afghanistan. This highly educated lady was subjected to severe mental and physical torture and was raped and sexually abused.

British journalist Yvone Ridley disclosed Dr Afia Siddiqi's presence in Bugram military base and related the story of the torture she was being subjected to. US was then forced to admit her detention. She was then transferred to US and tried for a ridiculous allegation. US military alleged that she had  forcibly grabbed the gun of one of several American soldiers who were surrounding her. She then shot and injured one soldier but was overpowered.

No reasonable explanation was given as to how she had reached inside the military base, or how this frail and sickly lady had succeed in taking away the gun from the said soldier. She was sentenced to a ridiculously long 86 years in jail. 

We want justice for Dr Afia Siddiqi just like any other human being. Due to all the flaws in the case against her, it is clear that she has been dprived of the basic human rights of fair trial and justice.