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Stop Exploitation of Sacred Ihe Duta Red Stone "Pipestone" Quarries

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Whereas, the sacred DaNakota Canunpa (misnomer peace pipe or pipe) is made out of wood and also from a small piece of the Ih e Duta Sacred Red Stone, a.k.a. "pipestone", which is harvested only upon Ihanktunwan DaNakota "Yankton Dakota Sioux" Homelands and from the ground where the Ihanktunwan came forth from within Unci Maka "Grand Mother Earth" more than 63 million years ago, the area which is today known as Pipestone, Minnesota and

Whereas, this most sacred, living, Spark of Life, Red Stone is in very limited supply and found only in this one single place in all the world, and

Whereas, the Sacred Red Stone of the Canunpa is in danger (an endangered species of the Sacred Rock Nation) of extinction by greed and mining by the u.s. government, its citizenry, and others, and

Whereas, this rare, sacred, living rock was gifted to the DaNakota People and is solely for the purpose of constructing the sacred Canunpa only, which directs the Seven Sacred Canunpa Ceremonies (sometimes referred to as the Seven Sacred Rites), and


Whereas, it is against DaNakota Natural Law, for example, to use a constructed Canunpa just to hang over a mantle or other type of display purpose, or to make jewelry or other trinkets out of the special and Sacred Red Stone, and

Whereas, the Canunpa is only to be cared for by a very few qualified DaNakota and Indigenous caretakers, who are selected by their communities or who must be qualified, and who can facilitate Sacred Canunpa Ceremonies within their communities throughout the year a most difficult, time-consuming, and dedicated duty, and

Whereas, the Seven Sacred Canunpa Ceremonies come directly from a dream vision of a DaNakota person many millions of years ago. The ceremonies were received and are conducted in order to maintain balance and happiness within Indigenous DaNakota communities through a series of thanksgiving /appreciation ceremonial exercises.

Therefore be it resolved that exploitation through excessive mining and mass production for purposes of selling, trinket-making, and all forms of jewelry-making of the Sacred Red Stone be immediately stopped and prevented, and


Be it further resolved that a moratorium may need to be implemented to halt all harvesting of Ihe Duta unless those qualified, community-selected, indigenous applicants can convince a committee of the ihanktunwan Oyate Omniciye "General Council" that they are worthy and in need of the Ihe Duta and are in complete understanding of the purpose and value of Ihe Duta, and

Be it finally resolved that we demand congress adopt a pertinent law as to above and that exploitation and use of the Canunpa for anything other than its intended use by government entities and/or citizens of the u.s. be outlawed by the u.s. government.

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