Save the Afghan women

Save the Afghan women

July 8, 2021
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Started by Alessandro Costa


The United States has decided to abandon its military commitment in Afghanistan just as the British and the Soviets did before them.

Running away from failed wars or conflicts unsustainable military commitments, because victory wasn’t attainable, is nothing new: but what will happen to afghan women abandoned to the Taliban?

When I was a young man in the 1970s, the first of these US withdrawals was from Vietnam. When the Americans realized they had lost the conflict  with the Vietcong, they left in a hurry. However, what I remember  with most sadness, were all the Vietnamese who had worked with the Americans, those who had believed they could remain a democratic country, and those who tried desperately to board planes or cling to the wheels of departing helicopters.

The Americans left, but those who had believed in them remained behind, ready to be killed, locked up in re-education camps, or forced to attempt hair-raising escapes to neighbouring countries.

In previous articles and books, I have often said that I am fed up with the debates of geo-strategists, who will tell us whether the Iranians or the Saudis will prevail in Afghanistan. The Americans have only asked the Taliban not to aid terrorists, those who would cause problems for our very civilized countries.

Instead, I would like to support, one by one, hug all those girls, those Afghan mothers and grandmothers, whom we are about to abandon, and whom we encouraged to believe that they could go to school, become nurses and doctors, and would no longer be forced to wear suffocating burkas and be beaten just to have some books at home.

We should at least muster the dignity and responsibility to bring these Afghan women whom we have deluded into our countries, our cities, our homes.  After preaching the exportation of rights and democracy, we should feel ashamed for the cravenness that we are about to carry out.

If we don't do something for them, we will saddle ourselves with yet more unacceptable shame.

We all express our consideration and indignation that the governments of democratic countries do something to save Afghan women who wanted to become free like ours.


Alessandro Costa


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Signatures: 41Next Goal: 50
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