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US Government: Restore our rights to grow our own food and own productive pets

Did you know that all across the nation hundreds of citations and fines are imposed on individuals just trying to feed their families and keep the animals that they love?

I'm sick of it. I'm tired of the government telling us that our food is illegal to grow, that our pets are illegal to raise in our backyards. I'm tired of them siding with the big food producers and punishing the little guys. I'm tired of seeing the person with a couple chickens and a goat in their backyard being called a criminal while people swindle our money away on wall street and big businesses rob and pillage their way through life with no recourse. 

This is not limited to itty bitty cities. This extends everywhere, including extremely rural counties who state you must have 3 or more acres just to have a pet chicken!   

Please join me in petitioning our congressman to draft and pass a law that will forever stop the slow killing of our rights to feed our families.

This isn't a local issue, its a personal rights issue. NO government, local, state or federal, should have the right to infringe on our right to feed our families. The local governments AREN'T listening to their citizens, the state governments AREN'T listening to their citizens,  and we are TIRED OF IT.

There was a day not so very long ago when our nation called on its people to grow gardens and raise animals to feed their families. If crisis were to strike us again it would be ILLEGAL for them to even ask us to do so again! 

The crisis is already here. Last year the government spent $71 BILLION DOLLARS ON FOOD STAMPS! Over 46 MILLION people received food stamps each month....thats 1 in 7 people in the USA! And they are spending over $2.5 MILLION dollars advertising the program to get more people to enroll! Yet we are carrying over a TRILLION (1,000 BILLION) dollar deficiet each year!

SNAP is a great program, and without it our family would be struggling for food. With SNAP I have been able to invest in seeds and food producing plants and build up a thriving garden for our family. But a growing family cannot survive on vegetables alone.

We are a starving nation who are being prevented from feeding themselves and its INSANITY.

Remember my friends: Whoever controls the food, controls the people.

Want more info about productive pets? Here's some more info:


We the people of the United States of America hereby are joining together to declare that we will no longer stand for the slow removal of our right to feed our families. 

We demand a complete stop to all persecution of individuals who are raising gardens and productive pets for personal benefit on their property.

We demand the override of all local, city, and state ordinances banning the raising of food and productive pets for family benefit. We believe that these animals should be reclassified as pets and thus, said ordinance shall apply regardless of property zoning. 

We reject the notion that these actions should require a permit or a fee to partake in them. If a property owner can have multiple large dogs in their backyard that are huge, noisy and potentially dangerous, then these harmless and productive pets should most certainly be allowed. We believe that these pets should include chickens, ducks, miniature goats, goats, rabbits and bees.

We agree that the following limits are reasonable and should be followed:


Any and all plants, trees, shrubs, etc can be grown in any location on the property for the purpose of food without recourse

Pet Housing:

All pets shall be kept in clean, sanitary confinements

Animal pens and runs shall be located on the rear half of the property. 

Pets shall be properly caged or housed, and proper sanitation shall be maintained at all times. All pet food shall be stored in metal or other rodent-proof containers. 

Fences used for enclosing goats shall be kept in good repair and be at least four feet in height for mini’s and five feet for standard size. 

Birds with flight capabilities shall have their wings properly clipped or be completely enclosed within their pens. 

All goats and mini goats must be dehorned. 


The number of productive pets allowed is reflective of the total square footage of the property. Any combination may be utilized as long as the total square footage of the property is not exceeded. 

Animals under 6 months of age are excluded from count. Raising excessive amounts of young animals for sale before 6 months of age is strictly prohibited.

1 full size goat (over 100 lbs) = 5000 square feet 

1 mini goat (under 100 lbs)= 2500 square feet 

1 Fowl (Chicken, duck, etc) = 500 square feet (Not to exceed 10 total within city limits)

1 Rabbit= 250 square feet

1 beehive shall be allowed on any size property and additional hives shall be allowed at a rate of 1 hive per 10,000 square feet of property. This square footage shall not be deducted from the total in the calculations for allowable animals.


Allowable Examples: City House on Lot of 8,000 square feet 

2 mini goats=5,000 sq ft + 4 ducks (2,000 sq ft) + 4 rabbits (1,000 sq ft)= 8,000 sq ft

Plus 1 beehive


5 chickens (2,500 sq ft) + 5 ducks (2,500 sq ft) + 10 rabbits (2,500 sq ft) =7,500 sq ft

Plus 1 beehive



This Code shall not prohibit or impair the authority of a local governmental entity to abate a public nuisance; or any cause of action brought by a private citizen to abate a private nuisance. Reasonable and clear requirements for improvement are required for warning and citations. 

Individuals unable to contain their pets shall be subject to the local animal enforcement laws and fines for recovery of their animals. 

Home Owners Associations with limitations on numbers of pets and types of animals may enforce their regulations. It is encouraged but not required that HOA's recognize productive pets as valuable parts of their communities. No HOA may forbid the planting and maintaining of edible gardens. Regulations specifying the maintenance schedule and/or tidy appearance of edible gardens is allowed (example: bare ground must be mulched neatly, all expired plants must be removed.)  

If local ordinances are more generous in limitations the local ordinance may be utilized in leu of this law. However one or the other must be chosen in their entirity of limits and regulations, not merely the individual animal count. 

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