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Repeal the Healthcare Mandate, which takes away our freedoms.

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1. It takes away our freedom of choice, whether to purchase insurance or not. Some of us do not like insurance. Others find that it is too expensive. Others find it does not take care of natural medicinal routes. Others, simply want the choice.

2. The penalty (worded as a tax now) is ridiculously high.

3. The RFID chip is beyond outrageous.

4. The fact that things in this bill will be abused, and used to start rationing healthcare is very disparing. We have the right for "LIFE, liberty, and PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS", and if this bill is in effect, it tromples on every one of those ideals.

5. This bill is simply UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The Federal GOVERNMENT does NOT have the right to mandate such things, and should be a state issue. that being said, at LEAST 26 states (over half of the US) does NOT find this to be constitutional.

6. This mandate WILL NOT LOWER COSTS, but instead, will make them rise. Insurance companies will have us over a barrel.

7. The only way to fix the healthcare crisis is from the BOTTOM UP. Regulate the drug companies, medical equipment manufacturers, the attorneys who do the big lawsuits who take most of the monies, regulate how much doctors can charge, or make it a sliding scale affordability. Making everyone pay for something does NOT lower the cost of anything.

8. Simply put, this bill is wrong, it was made into law wrong, with all the blackmailing and such to get this bill in, and then no one had a chance to read the whole bill, Nancy Pelosi said to vote for it, THEN we can find out all the goodies in it.... this bill reeks of control, and insanity. PERIOD. THIS BILL NEEDS TO GO!!!

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