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Synthetic cannabinoids(THC), is a man made chemical used to spray on organic materials and referred to as synthetic marijuana, fake weed, Spice, K2, Kush Klimaxx and many others has become a global epidemic killing countless numbers of our younger generation. It was created to mimic the chemicals found in the marijuana plant the major difference is the synthetic kills and the natural does not. Marijuana has many medical benefits that could help countless numbers of Americans, but the DEA and FDA claim it is harmful, they make these claims with no evidence to support them. Marijuana would be more affordable to most Americans also, as there are still large numbers still uninsured and pay out of pocket for medical needs, where as BIGPHARMA has a very high cost for their synthetic meds. The key here is that the synthetic was made to mimic the effects of the natural plant. MIMIC the effect, but at what cost? There are so many who have died from these synthetic cannabinoids, no one has ever died from using marijuana. WHy would a company spend millions of dollars to create a chemical that is already found naturally in a plant? If marijuana were legal, it would ease the burden on the criminal justice system, it would enable police to focus on more serious crimes, more people would find it easier to find employment, many more Americans would be able to afford to fill their prescriptions. Mostly as a democracy we would use our ability known as the power of the people, the majority rules, we have a voice lets make it be heard. By signing not only will you be helping others you will be saving lives along with helping to end the synthetic epidemic in this country.

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