Do Not Release the Accomplices of George Floyd's Murder

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George Floyd lost his life on Monday, May 25th 2020, due to police brutality.

One out of four police officers (Derek C.) held Floyd on the ground, kneeling on his neck. Although Floyd continuously begged for the police officer to let him go because he couldn't breathe, the police officer did not let go of him for nine whole minutes. 

Derek C. was not alone when he murdered Floyd. Three other officers witnessed the incident, thus being accused of complicity. All four police officers have been arrested.

Information of the process from the state Minnesota revealed now that these three accomplices could be released on bail. The bail is $1,000,000 and could e even be lowered to $750,000 if the three police officers agree to certain conditions, including a prohibition to contact Floyd's family.

Police brutality is nothing new in the US and many people, especially People of Color, have lost their lives to it. It is time that those police officers are held accountable for their actions and get punished accordingly.