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Cmpanies we have in America should be understood by Americans

Ever called a company (cable,electric,phone,etc) and not been able to understand what they're saying? Why are these jobs being outsourced to the point where there is virtually NO UNDERSTANDING of the American people with the people that answer these calls? TO where bills aren't processed the right way,to where they don't understand how you pay your bills,nothing,when so many Americans are going without food in their stomachs because they can't find work when they could answer these phone lines and things would be taken care of a lot simpler? We need to bring some more jobs into America,where people that speak the English language and understand how things work in America to better help these people with their situation with these companies (cable,phone,a lot of different types of things are taking this approach). More jobs need to be made in America so I (as well as other Americans) can understand what these people are saying. If I buy a service in America,why should someone that can barely speak English be able to take my order,half of the time get it wrong,and have no understanding of what I'm talking about? MORE JOBS NEED TO BE BROUGHT INTO AMERICA FOR THESE CALL CENTERS,because there has been a lot of lost money from America because of situations like these (where people get amounts drawn out of their account twice, they don't understand the idea of a post dated check,they don't understand the policy of disability and social security to be able to handle a post dated check.

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