Decision Maker Response

Joan Millman’s response

Joan Millman
Assemblywoman, NY State Assembly

Sep 5, 2012 — Dear Constituents,

I am writing in response to your correspondence concerning the use of animal gas chambers nationwide.

I agree with you that carbon monoxide (Gas Chambers) as a method of euthanasia cannot be justified as a means to control companion animal population in shelters. I find this procedure to be inhumane and unnecessary. As a member of the Assembly I have authored bills that seek to establish a more humane standard of animal treatment and have co-sponsored many animal protection bills. New York State does not allow this outdated and cruel practice of carbon monoxide gas in the disposal of our shelters animals.

Be assured that I will continue to work hard to make New York State a leader in the ethical treatment of all our state’s animals. Thank you for sharing your concerns on this issue.

Joan L. Millman
Member of Assembly


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