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US Government: Allow the use of Manhunters when law, local enforcement and democracy fail.

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Let's face it; the US Government has been doing nothing but fail at providing a safe and free environment for American citizens. By law and basic rights, we have the right to petition the government and use whatever force we see fit to ensure that we, as a united people under God and the banner of Red, White and Blue, are getting what our forefathers promised us.

Recently, our government has failed to ensure safety with gun laws, where the tool is guilty and the man using it is innocent. Guilty parties are let loose and forgiven, rights and the American people are attacked, laws are made to cripple our protection and we are left in shock and awe as we are now scratching our heads as to why politicians are allowing clearly guilty people are roaming free to do it all again. They are using tragic circumstances to create a world where the rich live in security, the poor are overrun by illegal immigrants, and everyone is forced to watch as we are turned into a country with little freedoms and criminals to run lose.

This petition is started to allow the use of people who wish to take Justice into their own hands. Call them Superheroes, Manhunters, concerned citizens or whatnot; the fact of the matter is WE HAVE THE RIGHT to do so, as the politicians are banning our guns as if criminals are already listening to the law. WE HAVE THE RIGHT to do so, as these government heads are sleeping with prostitutes and embezzeling money and tell us that we cannot protect our loved ones with the same force brought unto us. WE HAVE THE RIGHT to solve our own problems as we see fit and deserve a voice in what we want done. Allow Vigilantes to do what the government refuses to do, and punish those who seek to break the law, who have broken the law and will break the law again, because law doesn't seem to work anymore.

Casey Anthony, James Holmes, whomever bombed the poor souls at the Boston Marathon... people like this are the real weapon, bred by rules that made them question society and allowed them to work in the darkness and plan attacks on family and strangers alike, be it with a knife or gun(s). The people want answers, but more important, Justice.

Legalized Manhunters, or "Legal Vigilantes" can and must be called upon by a vote from state citizens for the apprehension, dissmissal, and/or ban of a clearly or questionably guilty party. Manhunters must be trained and legally accepted by the state to be contacted, contracted and serve the people first before the government, but only in cases where local enforcement and law and politics have been classified to have "failed to perform in this circumstance".

The government is no longer "for the people, by the people". So let the people take care of it themselves.

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