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Petitioning US Government Accountability Office (GAO)

US Government Accountability Office (GAO): Inhibit candidates returning to office if grossly perjured in campaign(s)

Such behavior during a federal or state campaign is to the detriment of its constituents. Further, it draws needless attention to the country in the world view.
Regardless of the motives of the Congressperson or Governor (as examples), grossly misleading the public during a campaign, as determined by non-partisan committee, could result in the following:
1a) a long-term period of mandatory counseling, and 1b) a forum for public apology. 2) Fines for repeated actions after the initial determination. 3) A points system for limiting future service in a Government position.
On behalf of the average citizen, please block these persons from rallying those inclined to adopt views that lack factual basis, for the well-being (read MENTAL HEALTH) of the country.

Letter to
US Government Accountability Office (GAO)
Please inhibit candidates returning to office if grossly perjured in campaign(s). Restore truth and allegiance.