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Stock Lake Michigan strain yellow perch in Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan’s yellow perch population has declined over 96%. With record low population and changes brought by invasives, overfishing, pollution and environmental, the ability of perch to recover on their own has proven impossible for over 20 years. Many other species of fish have been and are currently stocked, including native species such as trout, walleye, sturgeon as well as yellow perch in the past. We feel that record low perch populations threaten the very viability of the species to survive an ever changing Lake Michigan. With the disappearance of yellow perch so went the money into the local economies, the jobs and near shore recreational sport fishing. The US Fish & Wildlife Service stock lake trout in Lake Michigan and have stocked yellow perch in Lake Superior, now we feel it’s time for them to stock yellow perch in Lake Michigan to protect and help that fishery recover and to help bring back needed jobs and tens of millions of dollars to the local economies.

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  • US Fish & Wildlife Service, WIDNR, ILDNR

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