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Help us add the California sea lion to the Endangered Species List!

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Help us add the California sea lion to the Endangered Species List!

Emaciated sea lion pups have been increasingly turning up along California shores. This is due to a combination of overfishing and sea temperatures rising; this change in temperature causes the remaining fish to migrate to new areas where the water temperatures are a closer match to their primary ecosystems. While this doesn’t directly affect the pups, it does with the mothers. At the time of breastfeeding, mothers are in constant search for fatty foods such as sardines and anchovies; yet, they haven’t been able to find any. At least, not until they’ve swum much farther than usual, leaving their offspring to fend and hunt for themselves prematurely. This is an extremely sad situation, but if anything, we can learn from it: California sea lions are especially sensitive to change. If sea lions are “indicators of ocean health,” as Dr. Andrew Trites says, the ocean is in dire need of our help.

Proposal: list the California sea lion as an ‘endangered species’

While you may live on the opposite side of the earth from California or you simply couldn’t care less about sea lions, this is still a story to follow, because, in reality, this is also a story about us. Due to the overfishing and rising sea temperatures, sea levels have also risen. In layman’s terms, this means: less land for us. The upset in the oceans also creates more droughts, more heat waves, and bigger and more destructive storms.

Adding the California sea lion to the Endangered Species List will not only help to protect the sea lions, but it will, in effect, protect the oceans and the earth. If we successfully reach out to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), sea lions and their ecosystem will be sheltered from federal activities. This encompasses restricting the capturing and selling of these animals and giving the FWS the authority to implement their recovery proposals, to buy the habitat, and to provide federal aid to protective agencies.

In this way, the FWS will be, in essence, providing sea lions with a fishing-free zone. While this may not directly help the water temperature situation, it will help the ecosystem that inhabits the sea lions return to a more balanced network.

In the meantime, you, as an individual, can help, too, to bring the world back to health.

What YOU can do:

  • Transportation (carpool, take public transportation, ride a bike)
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Diet: reduce consumption of meat
  • Sign this petition!

Sign this petition to join the force—to show the FWS that the California sea lions should be considered an ‘endangered species,’ because in reality, sea lions indicate that we will all soon be endangered if we don’t start helping the oceans and the earth recover from our mistakes.

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