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Stop re-victimizing rape and assault victims by blaming them

Every day, thousands of people are getting away with assaulting and raping their victims. They get little to no punishment while judges talk down to the victims. For example, in Flagstaff, Arizona a judge despicably told a woman that it was her fault that she got assaulted by an intoxicated cop who went into the bar where she was and ran his fingers over her gentials. The judge said that if the woman had not been there it wouldn't have happened to her. You don't say? How about actually punishing people who do these things and even take it as far as rape and violence? If they know they won't get punished, they'll continue doing this and others who consider doing it will have the confidence to assault/abuse/rape knowing they'll get away with it. This is a very mild example compared to what goes on in the world. Protect women and other victims of abuse by blaming the PERPETRATOR and punishing the person(s) inflicting the assault onto another human being! Stop victim-blaming and re-victimizing victims.


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