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Regulation for Home Owners Association Boards

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Hello fellow Americans this is Arun Tangnu speaking from Silicon Valley California. I am sure lot of you live in nice homes and many of you could be living in homes that are managed by Home Owners Associations also for short known as HOA. I do not know if many of you have heard of the horrors these Home Owners Association have created for homeowner whom they are supposed to serve. Before talking about the horrors these Home Owner Associations create I would like to explain how they function.
Board of directors is elected within few volunteer members of homeowners who may want to take a job to gain power and authority. They hire outside property management companies who can collect monthly dues, any special assessment or fines and penalties imposed. Once in power, they impose more and more punishment on these fellow neighbors. The threat of fines, liens and foreclosures cause these people to lose touch of reality. As time passes they turn their backs on those most vulnerable like elderly or low income who are not in position to protect or defend themselves an easy prey for HOA. While this is happening private companies like property Management Company and attorneys reap the benefit. Some who gain position of power will inevitably strike down on the rights of others in the name of greed and selfish interests.
At the root of Home Owners Association Syndrome is intentional and well orchestrated harassment, shortly after the individual takes possession of the property, the HOA strategically begins to focus on home owner’s minor infractions. The purpose of this is to create an income stream. The income stream makes into the pockets of property management companies, collection agencies, attorneys none them may live within the community they are harassing. Like a parasite these organizations feed off fear based harassment. In short the evolution of school yard bullying has turned into adult bullying known in legal world as racketeering, financial exploitation and extortion.
Having signed “The document CC&Rs these homeowners innocently give up their constitutional rights to “The community”. The laws that feed the CCR is literally the hammer that repeatedly pounds on entire residents into submission both psychologically and physiologically.
Here we can classify HOA, Property Management companies, Attorneys as predators and Homeowners as victims who because of the actions of the predators will be angry, tired, worried with sleeping disorders, loss of enjoyment, and fear of car being towed away and so on.
Therefore to put abuse of power and authority by Homeowner Association boards to rest we need a regulation at US Federal and State level immediately To move ahead I request all of you who want to fight for this worthy cause to sign my petition. The link for signing the petition is provided in the attached text along with my contact information. If by clicking link does not work please copy and paste in your browser. God bless Democratic Values of USA, with best wishes. Arun K Tangnu.

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