Make More of the Energy We Use (NJ) Renewable - Help the Environment

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The problem we want to solve is most of the energy we use comes from harful elements ar elements that we cannot get back fast enough.  We are proposing that at least 75% of the energy that we use to be renewable.  I do know that there was a law recently passed for 80% of energy must be renewable in New Jersey by 2050, however, that is a long time from now, and the environment is not going to wait for that long to not slowly destroy itself.  Instead of having solar panels and wind turbines and whatnot, we can benefit humans more by using exercise power.  We could use swings, rolling chairs, and trampolines attached to batteries to hold the energy that has been made from moving these objects around.  The percentage of obese children and adults would decrease significantly if they had to create energy to watch TV, cook food, and charge their electronics.  It would also give kids a chance to get outside and smell the fresh air once in a while, instead of damaging their eyes on a computer or phone.  And, in case there is a problem with the system, at a minimum of 65% of the energy we use must be obtained naturally, meaning made by solar panels, wind turbines, and hydropower.  This will also help the environment because we won't be releasing harmful gasses into the atmosphere, using important minerals and fossil fuels that we could be saving for the future.  If New Jersey starts really bringing up the amounts of natural energy, I can assure you that the environment and all living beings will be benefited and healthier.

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We want our energy to be less harmful to the environment!

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