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Co-sponsor, "Ending School Corporal Punishment Act," HR 3027

A deadline date for federal bill, "Ending School Corporal Punishment Act," HR 3027, CREATED TO PROTECT AMERICAN SCHOOLCHILDREN FROM GOVERNMENT "SANCTIONED" AND "LAWLESS" AUTHORITARIAN ABUSE must reach the House floor by DECEMBER 8, the last "in-session" day for the US House of Representatives in 2011.

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HR 3027 needs 17 additional US Education Committee Member Co-sponsors for it to reach the House floor (a total of 20 needed), or for Education Committee Chairman John Kline to use his influential power to force it to the House floor (John Kline: 202.225.2271).

HR 3027 will protect American schoolchildren from "authoritarian abuse," the likes of which the world witnessed on Wall St., Sept. 17, 2011.

Please review cases of American Educator "authoritarian abuse," (including American student fatalities):

see p 41:

see pp 3, 5:

see pp 15-17:

Photos and videos of related American school corporal punishment related injuries:

"Sanctioned" and "Lawless" USA school corporal punishment distinguished:

Please review, "What American Schoolchildren Need Responsible Caring Adults To Know," at: (updates on names of new Co-sponsors will be posted to this link).

(Please also register for safe American schools at:

On behalf of American schoolchildren still waiting for their natural-born US citizen14th amendment "protective" and "due process" rights, thank you!


Paula Flowe, Exec. Director
Jestin Samson, Asst. Exec. Director
The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.

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