Tablets replacing textbooks in K-12 schools

Tablets replacing textbooks in K-12 schools

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Imagine a world without teachers. A world where the person up front supervising the students every move, isn’t one person. It’s 27 people, watching everything the student does through a webcam, monitoring everything the student does. Of course it takes a while to study when using a textbook. It’s true. In fact, according to, “It takes a college student a week to memorize a one hundred page paper. ” But this could all be fixed. When students are given a task in class, students are provided with the exact page number in textbook, and what to copy down and analyze. But what about when they get to choose their topics? When they have to find the specific page number or topic in a five hundred to eight hundred page textbook, and have no idea where their topic is. If you have a tablet, however, you could simply search it up in a search engine, and hundreds of sites will pop up with the exact info you need. I believe that tablets and computers should completely replace textbooks in US schools.

One reason I believe tablets should replace textbooks is that students could get more work done. You couldn’t bring home textbooks from six different periods, all at least 2 pounds, without getting a hunch in your back. If you brought home a tablet or laptop, for example, it would take up a half an inch, with about 1 to 1.5 pounds being carried. In addition, instead of having a binder full of papers for each class, it could all be contained within a slim slab of metal, each with it’s own folder or custom app. You could eliminate all binders, books, even backpacks by having a tablet in your hand at all times.

Another reason to replace textbooks is it is better for the environment. If you take a textbook, thick as a door, which isn’t that big, and about eight inches tall, according to, it takes about a quarter of the tree to make ten of these, which could devastate the environment. On a tablet, you could easily store hundreds of textbooks on it, with of thousands of them at your disposal, as well as conventional storybooks. And instead of using more paper just to write the textbook. On a computer, you could simply write the textbook on a google site or Microsoft Word. This could revolutionize the school's textbook industry, saving hundreds of thousands of trees a year.

One reason that people might think that this is a bad idea is because screen tech could be linked to many health problems. Some of these are dry eye and slight sleep deprivation, but scientists have already sorted out this problem. They have made it so that around that hour called bedtime, the screen will automatically switch its colors to warmer, less striking colors, or tinting the screen with "blue light", which is easier on the eyes and prevents sleep deprivation.