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Don't let the Treasury Department ruin our families' lives

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I came to the United States to live the American Dream of working hard and playing by the rules while supporting my family. But if the Treasury Department has its way, I won't be able to send my family money to help pay for the costs of their food, education, and medical needs in Somalia where poverty is a huge problem. Please tell the Treasury Department to support human rights and working families by allowing transfers of our hard earned money to our friends and loved ones in Somalia.

Since Somalia lacks a functioning banking system, the only secure, legal, and transparent way to send money there is through Somali money transfer operators (MTOs) like those based near me in Minnesota. Millions of Somali families depend on money from family members like me to survive and meet basic needs like food, school fees, and healthcare.

These means to transfer these funds are already starting to get cut off including a massive bank which ended its involvement with transfers on February 6. If these money transfers are totally cut off, the country will fall even deeper into crisis.

To share one personal example, my sister was very sick and in a coma for several months in Somalia. Our family there did not have money to pay for her hospitalization and treatment, and she was saved only through God's grace and the funds the community here in America were able to send home.

If someone in my family falls ill in the future, I will be helpless and sad for the rest of my life knowing the Treasury Department allowed families like mine to be ruined because of bureaucracy.

Harsh regulations have pushed many banks to shut down the accounts of Somali-American money transfer companies. It is already incredibly difficult for Somali-Americans to deliver support to their loved ones, but we make sacrifices for our loved ones and work hard to provide for them.

Please tell the Treasury Department that you want them to help solve the impending crisis facing millions of people in the US and Somalia.

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