Confirmed victory

Hayat, an Afghan national, worked for the US military and government contractors for 8 years as an interpreter and a soldier. He was my father's interpreter when he worked in Afghanistan for a reconstruction company. He is like a brother to me. Hayat has served this country with the utmost honor and respect and the least we can do is give him a chance to live a free life.

But because of Hayat's service to the US military, he's now a wanted man and the Taliban are hunting him as we speak. The Taliban have killed his grandmother, as well as his nephew and cousin, and have forced Hayat into hiding.

To escape to safety, Hayat first applied for a special immigration visa to the US -- a program designed to help interpreters who worked for US troops -- in 2006. After having his application rejected several times because he was "too valuable to lose," according to the State Department, he finally got approval in 2013. But he still has not received his visa. The State Department is dragging their feet in processing his application either because they are incompetent or because they don't care, or both.

We've heard that other interpreters from Afghanistan have received their visas after online campaigns were launched to support them and we're hoping this petition will help bring Hayat to his new and safe home with us in Indiana. Please sign this petition to ask the US Embassy at Kabul and the US State Department to speed up Hayat's visa process and give him the freedom he has valiently fought for and has been waiting for nearly eight years now!

Letter to
Duty Press Officer US Department of State
Case Number KBL2013649002 US Embassy of Kabul: Special Immigration Visa
Bring Hayat Home! He has been waiting over 7 years for a Special Immigration Visa and no progress has been made. He has fought for freedom, and he deserves our help. Please stop these endless delays and process his visa NOW, before the Taliban find him and kill him. There are plenty of people in America willing to welcome him to his new home.
Case number: KBL2013649002