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Stricter punishment for law enforcement who break the law

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My name is Danyelle Zarick.  Some of you may know me as a colleague, a business owner, a friend, someone you have done business with, or just someone who has floated around your community.  I was driven by law my whole life.  I recently was a victim of a crime myself.  I was raped, by someone who identified themselves as a police officer.  Being a big supporter of law enforcement, I trusted and respected those who protect and serve, as I identified them as people who are like myself, believing in the same justice system.  

I have been very close to being a rape victim many times, but this time was different.  I wasn't just close,  I was a rape victim.  I, for various reasons, never reported any of the past incidents.  Deciding to report this one, took a toll on me, weighing in on the reaction of my family, the toll it might take on my career, backlash from the public, and worse, police retaliation.  What started off as someone pretending to be someone who could be trusted, turned into someone who I feared.  As we all are people who trust the wrong person once or twice in life, it should never end this badly, especially with a police officer.  The only reason I trusted him was because he identified himself as a police officer.  It is hard when you loose all faith in police, and every time you have to encounter law enforcement wonder, "Does he want to rape me too?"  

To my knowledge, at this point my rapist has not been charged, due to his position.  We need stricter regulation for crimes committed by police officers, and I am not just talking desk duty, suspension with pay, and a work assignment no one else wants.  I mean hard time.  Just like anyone else would face. Maybe worse, because after all, they should know better, especially when it is what they do for a living.  Please sign my petition, and make the US justice department understand that when police officers commit crimes involving victims and don't get the same or worse punishment as everyone else, it not only destroys the public trust in law enforcement, but creates more abuse of power, more violence and victims, and less reporting of these types of crimes.  Thank you for your support!


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