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US Department of Housing and Urban Development: Recognize the internet service as a basic utility

Have you ever tried to activate the internet in a new house or apartment, only to be told that by the Internet Service Provider that it will take weeks? I thought so.

After hours of being on the phone with Verizon, I found myself being lied to, harassed, told the wrong information, and ultimately they told me to go with someone else. But that 'someone else' will also take weeks to set up. Yet it only took them minutes to shut off the internet that was already installed under a different account name.

In the 21st century, jobs and livelihoods are increasingly to internet service. As is proper heating, reliable electricity and non-lead paint. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) protects tenants against this type of injustice. It's time to take a stand against monopolies like Verizon and insure that the internet flows free in our homes. They make millions in profit using the public infrastructure that we give to them. It's time that we hold them accountable to that public. HUD should act now. #ournet

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