Stop Atrocities Against Children w/ Special Needs

Stop Atrocities Against Children w/ Special Needs

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Started by HOPE Street, Inc.

School Districts must be held accountable! 

STOP THE ATROCITIES against the MOST VULNERABLE children in our schools and communities regardless of the racial, political, relational, healthcare tensions. 

These atrocities have only worsened during this global pandemic. 

Families are experiencing repeated educational rape from some districts across the country. 

Families are paying these outlandish fees for attorneys and advocates just to get basic care and needs and to be heard. 

Student and parent rights for a Free and Appropriate Education are being violated on a consistent basis with little resolution. 

Students have educators and support staff who are not sufficiently trained and monitored and therefore create incubators for abuse, neglect, risk, and incompetence. 

Students who are most vulnerable (with significant special needs) are placed in more vulnerable positions due to a lack of comprehensive guidelines and protocols with this global pandemic. Many could die if they comply with many school districts request for students to return. Although the district display an inability to understand, research, and support comprehensive practices to support all students, not just the "able bodied". 

I know this because our gifted son with significant medical complexity has been a victim of these atrocities. 

The US Congress must re-authorize the IDEA and re-examine School focused aspects of ADA to STOP THE ATROCITIES against our beloved warriors. IDEA has not been re-authorized in 22 years, which is a travesty. 



149 have signed. Let’s get to 200!