Parents against School Violence

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We the People pray that our governing body will hear our request and act.   It has become obvious that our schools as a whole are ready and in need of updated protocols for our students that include emotional health, mental health, bullying, and safety. 

This petition is in no way to take away from the job that schools do in these areas.  Instead this petition is to confirm to our schools and teachers our support and assistance in getting them the tools they need.

PREVENTION.  We feel strongly that prevention to school violence is the number one key as well as the hardest to achieve.    

·         Zero Tolerance Policy needs to be reevaluated.  The fact that one student can physically assault another and the victim receives the same disciplinary actions is causing trust issues between school staff and students.  Current policy is giving the attacking student a sense of justification that should not be permitted.   Victims should not be punished in our Country. 

·         Bullying.  Bullying is causing deterioration of the mental and emotional health of students.  Administrative staff should by law not be allowed to tell the accused who reported them before investigation has been completed.  Again this policy is causing additional insult to the victims and teaching the accused that their actions are acceptable.   We would like to see actual investigations into claims of bullying and actions taken to reprimand those claims found to be true.   Including expulsion for repeat offenders that limit their ability to return to the public school system only after receiving proper therapy and/or rehabilitation. 

·         Parental Involvement.  We believe that everything starts at home.  It is our duty to our children and our communities to enforce and support schools and law enforcement at home.  The school administrative staff should be required to notify both sets of parents to parties involved within 24 hours.  There should be reprimand for parents that do not take their children’s needs or behavior serious.   This could be an extension or a department of the current truancy policies in place.   We further feel that any parent that does not assist the school in resolving behavior issues or concerns could be charged with neglect and receive the same sentence if found guilty that has already been  prescribed by state and local laws.  Likewise, school administrations should be held accountable and responsible for any violent act performed by a child who’s parent where not properly notified.

·         Psychotherapist.  We are requesting that each school has either a psychotherapist on staff or contracted to work with each school.  Thus, all extreme cases of bullying, teachers and student assaults can be reviewed by therapist.  Recommendation can then be made as to what future step to be taken. 

·         Training for teachers in behavioral matters.  Each teacher to be properly trained to notice any negative behavioral change, when to report it and who to report to.  These reports should be made within 24 hours of staff or teacher witnessing said behavior.  Any organization, between the local Department of Children Services to the FBI, which does not properly handle those reports should be held accountable for any incident that may occur due to their negligence after a report has been made.


LIVE THREATS.  We suggest that all threats have equal disciplinary action taken immediately.    We ask that our federal government enforce that each school has at minimum these safety items and protocols in place.

·         Bullet resistant interior doors for every classroom.  Each door to have lock down ability from inside main office and class room.

·         Exterior doors to be locked down and no persons allowed entering without staff approval.  Approval should require student or staff Id for all exterior doors. For schools with detached buildings there should be one staff member at each end to watch over students between class exchanges.   Members of the public and parents must enter the main door and only after security clearance. 

·         Security at each location to verify all visitors before they may approach the school.

·         Each school to be supplied with a minimum of two hand-held metal detectors. 

·         Video Surveillance that is sufficient to cover all hallways and entrances.  Surveillance should include the ability to record in real time and record audio.   Local authorities should have the ability to login to said system at any time.

·         Cell phone use while in class should be restricted to emergency communication with parents, calculator use and educational videos.

·         One security guard to every 500 student.   We would prefer Military Veterans in this role.  Rather armed or not military trained men and women are properly trained to handle combat situations. 

·         We request that any student that makes a threat regarding bombing or gun violence receives immediate expulsion and may not be permitted to return to public schooling for no less than one full year and obtain certification of therapy and/or rehabilitation prior to being considered for returning to public school system.   


We understand that schools across this country already have some if not all of these items.  However, we would like to see it enforced for those that do not.  We understand this may mean funding be raised through fundraisers, taxes, and government funding.   We must make our schools safe and hold all parties involved accountable.