While every company helps during pandemic, PayPal makes things harder for us the workers.

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During this pandemic many of us people have lost their jobs due to covi-19 related issues, many like me have been trying to survive and started selling some stuff on ebay , altho the thought of it easy its Not.  We have to use PayPal as the payment company, to send and receive any money related from ebay. This company PayPal makes his own rules and they control the money from every transaction  you do on ebay.  PayPal decides when to release the money from your sell, it can be hold for many weeks after the buyer receive his item even if the item says no returns. During this time of crisis has been really hard for some of us although there are many corporations helping their costumers I feel PayPal is doing the exact opposite and enjoying it,. I have 780 dollars on hold and 0 available  and no food or money for the rent and I feel I'm about to go rob a bank "not literally"  they don't want to release the money after more than 100 transactions with no absolute problems with any buyer, and I try to explain that its my only source of income and my 7 year old daughter needs to eat they don't care. I received a payment from person I sold him my lawnmower and she did not have any cash so she use PayPal everything went good she left happy with my lawnmower and me my money on hold for 7 days. Not fair at all why do they do this specially now that we can't work. I think that like my story there's many out there I bet my story its nothing compare to others and I know that alone we won't achieve anything so lets all get together sign this petition so Ebay, Us department of commerce, Federal trade commission, we will send them all a copy of this petition. 

We will show PayPal why this is the best country in the world and who the American people are when you try to step all over them.