Report Sudden Cardiac Arrest Nationwide

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is our nation’s biggest killer, devastating 400,000 precious lives and their families each and every year.  Sadly, only 10% will survive. We can do better!

Outcomes can be significantly improved, as we have the knowledge and tools to save many thousands of lives. However, SCA is not being tracked on a national level so little is known about this preventable cause of death. If data is collected then we would be able to conduct vital research to further our knowledge of cardiac arrest treatment and save countless lives.

Starting Hearts seeks to build momentum, expand awareness, and engage the public, government, and corporate stakeholders in taking action to save precious lives today, tomorrow, and the future. Please sign our petition to help us make cardiac arrest incidents a reportable condition nationwide.  

Thank you for helping save more precious lives, just like ours!

Lynn Blake-SCA Survivor & Founder of Starting Hearts
Susan Ford Bales-SCA Survivor & Daughter of President Gerald R. and Betty Ford