Grant asylum to Natasha Ferrer

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Petition Update Nov 2020

Thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign!
A quick update: Natasha continues to live in fear in Matamoros MX.
Her immigration process is currently on hold as court dates have been suspended since last March, due to the pandemic.
Natasha was forced to leave the camp after she received yet another death threat. She is now living with another LGBTQ+ person in a house donated by a random person in the US.

They were first living in an apartment, but when the landlord found out he was renting to a trans person, they were forced to leave the apartment within hours. 
Natasha now never leaves the house out of fear. She dreams of living in freedom, and dreams with simple things, such as taking a walk, going to a restaurant, or simply having the opportunity to have a job; however, the area is run by gangs and cartel activity, and she continues to hold a death threat over her head.
Now more than ever, Natasha desperately needs her asylum application to be processed and approved. A new administration with a comprehensive immigration process for asylum would be crucial.

Continue sharing and signing this petition, as it will be proof for Natasha's case.
Thank you.

(Current picture of Natasha, who is really happy that her hair is finally long enough to put on a braid)

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