Vote on ONLY one thing at a time. STOP ADDING PORK while passing legislation.

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Politicians have been treating bills and legislation as a football. Enough is enough. We need to stop the padding of legislation and the padding of bills that are introduced with items that are unrelated and up for debate in areas that have not been talked through THOROUGHLY diplomatically in a true bipartisan fashion. Tell Congress “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. 

We see it every time a bill is drafted and goes on for weeks at a time. This is wasteful spending on time. We understand that Congress must work to earn those taxpayer dollars, but tirelessly working to get one in on the other side and walk away “pretending to champion” some kind of boring process. We’ve had enough of that with the last 4 administrations. We need joint bipartisan efforts ON ONE THING AT A TIME. Trust that it will be more effective than writing 7,000 pages of unwarranted legislation that gets proposed in the 11th hour. ENOUGH! Vote on ONE PROPOSAL AT A TIME. There is absolutely no need to be meddling with the livelihoods of not only US Citizens but all people of the Earth with US Legislation and US Foreign Policy. 

We are evolving. The paradigm is shifting. New practices need to be installed. We should be at a time with technology where we can can propose and vote on one piece of legislation at a time, expeditiously.