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Bankruptcy Pet. Preparers need a number but not their soc. sec. number.

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I am a bankruptcy petition preparer.  I am not an attorney and may not practice law or give legal advice.  I and others are being made to provide personal information about ourselves to the public.  We are being made to provide our social security numbers on documents we prepare in our business instead of being given a identifing number by the BANKRUTPCY TRUSTEE AND ALIKE.  No one should have to disclose their social security number and not be protected against crime.  I tried to protect myself and family by providing additional information in connection with my social security number and was brought up on charges by the Trustee.  I placed information on bankruptcy forms like this, "BPP1234567811234", which included my social security number and additional personal numbers.  This "BPP1234567811234" meant Bankruptcy Petition Preparer,  my social security number and the last digits were my birthday.  I was not commiting fraud by no means and had no intent to do so.  I did this because Bankruptcy documents that were filed in Bankrutpcy Court in my district just sat on the public counter for anyone to see and copy.  Who knew who looked at them and what personal information they recieved.  I was brought before the Judge and had to agree not to provide additional personal information other than my social security number or be fined.  The Bankruptcy Guideline established by 11 U.S.C. section 110 establishes our social security number to be considered as our identifing number for bankrutpcy filing.  It further required us to place our social security number on the forms, perhaps for all to see.  My petition seeks for the power that be to reconsider their requirement as previously stated above and provide B.P.P.  with a number like others (i.e. income tax preparer, security guards, CNA, etc.) providing services to the public for compensation.  I ask you support this petition to protect me and other Non-Attorneys (i.e. paralegal, legal tech, B.P.P., etc.) and their Families from fraud and idenity theft. Our (i.e. B.P.P. 's) future is a stake.

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