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Outlaw the Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge

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The tax pledge from the organization known as Americans for Tax Reform ran by Grover Norquist has been a virus in the American politics on both the left and the right. Those who sign the pledge are sworn never to increase taxes on anyone, not even America's richest people such as the Koch Brothers, Donald Trump, and Mitt Romney. They would rather lower taxes on the rich and bring us into another recession.

If congress was to vote to outlaw any and all signed contracts, signed agreements with lobbyist that are made to dictate how are elected officials vote on legislation is outlawed, it would make many seats in congress automatically become vacant and give lobbyist less power over us. This is something that shouldn’t even be apart of politics because it violates the oath of office and it’s the exactly the same as either giving out or excepting bribes.

You need to know what happens when federal spending goes down, state spending would have to go up and it leads to cuts in spending that force states to lay off teachers, police officers, firefighters, and other state and federal government workers. No tax pledge + no power to lobbyist + taxing the rich + more money in the treasury = a stronger economy

We sign this petition so that all Americans can be tax fairly and that there is shared sacrifice, and put an end to legal briberay.


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