The Incentive Direct cash Income Supplement

The Incentive Direct cash Income Supplement

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The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement

The Incentive, supplements earnings, creates a dignified salary to manage individual economic growth & self determination with a goal of eliminating poverty and income inequality in America. 

The Incentive Direct Cash Income will Motivate the American people to work because they will be paid which will help Americans achieve their preference for wealth accumulation, privilege engage in workplace activities improved social life or reparation & the freedom to pursue the will needs wants and desires of the American Individual.

The US has the incentive to return to its influential leadership role as a superpower and also seeks to be competitive with China in energy trade & tech.

The US is motivated to invest in it’s people with free college & university funding, College education is vital for wealth building, our economy and to win the 21rst century - to compete with China.

Education is the key that open doors to high earnings quality of life and opportunity. America we will have to demand a change in policy to grant unconditional access to free college and university.

The practicality & normalcy of granting Americans paid time off to up skill in cyber security, semiconductor manufacturing, tech and energy is justified as doing what needs to be done for the advancement and security of our nation

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement provides a different income option for those who are determined to be economically responsible independent of the welfare/social services system

Recipients will have the freedom to pick & choose where they demonstrate mindful patronage, where they will rent or own a home, who they do business with and have no conditions attached except that they transition on to a higher paying career.

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement is focused on our GDP from the initial income pilot program of $2000 - $3500 per week for Jersey City residents to time indefinite increasing the number of participants until converting to a guaranteed Income Fund for all Americans experiencing loss of income, low wages, gig/temp/part-time jobs. 

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement will allow Americans to get the funds needed to time indefinite.  

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement is another income option for those who through no fault of their own have been disadvantaged by the events during the past two years and are struggling to rebuild their lives

Through no fault of their own, the pandemic has forced many Americans to put off necessary surgeries and other medical dental treatments during Covid, causing previous conditions to deteriorate.

Across the country there have been a series of destructive weather events and wild fires, droughts flash floods sinkholes landslides and building collapses leaving many unemployable, displaced homeless and without their possessions official documents and ID.

The Incentive If chosen to be the guaranteed income for all 331 million Americans and new citizens will be a great resource to help rebuild lives and drive our economy. 
It will motivate individuals determined to support employers and new ventures by mindfully taking on low wage work and offer opportunity to fill employment gaps by engaging in humanitarian, civic, community improvement, work on competitive environmental, climate change initiatives, create new product and service innovations contests, leading to job creation and new business start-ups.

The emission reduction plans caused a switch from oil gas fossil fuels coal industries to electric, hydro, nuclear ,wind & solar in response to addressing climate change have abruptly left many without work.

While vaccine discrimination, segregation, resignations & firings are rampant, the states are working to add vaccine status to the list of protected class.

State legislators have introduced bills that would prohibit an "agent of business" to "treat differently, single out, deny opportunity, ostracize, stigmatize, or discriminate against an individual as a result of the individual's decision on whether or not to receive a vaccine."

In the meantime many more will lose their jobs.

Many will be barred from receiving unemployment until the matter is resolved and work rights are restored, while workforce assimilation & integration is taking place.

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement could be approved to begin now and cover rent arrears and payments going forward for those not qualifying to participate in rent relief programs. It can help those who have already been displaced or evicted relocate avoid the shelter system or homelessness loss of all possessions & ID documents.

The direct cash option will give recipients $2000 per week for a fast accumulation to meet immediate needs and to use as they see fit.

If chosen to be the basic income of the US, The Incentive will raise over 30 million Americans across the nation above the poverty line.

The purpose is to increase the economic, value, and mobility of every citizen and become able to actually meet the tripling cost of living and business recoupment through direct cash supplements that are not contingent on having employment, nor set according to a stagnant skill-set that justifies consigning essential, gig, temporary, blue collar workers to low wage pay, or an earnings minimum.  

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement provides more than just a way of incentivizing work, job rotation, or offsetting chronic unemployment will encourage continuous mindful patronage to restaurants sports & entertainment venues or online shopping that will drive the economy.

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement will also give people freedom to escape the poverty trap and to leave abusive situations, bad relationships, and gain greater financial independence.

The Incentive Income will also allow people to manage their own economic growth & self determination with a goal of eliminating poverty and income inequality in America. 

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplements your earnings & creates a dignified salary that you can raise a family on, so that you are free to explore opportunities & personal interests.

This is a global movement that is diligently developing and testing income alternatives to have in place before the next crises hits. 

The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement will benefit citizens by contributing to better mental stability, less depression and stress that would in some cases lead to drug/alcohol and other addictions and dependencies. It could help to lower suicides and child poverty.

Each state official will receive a copy of the approved Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement to post an applicant form on their official government websites or use whichever public information service appropriate to sign up participants. Feedback from participants it vital and they can choose to answer the questionnaire. and submit them at state sites or to me email. The Government will unconditionally provide a weekly direct cash payment deposited on an unlimited reloadable Visa/Mastercard debit card, or on an app with investment options. The Incentive Direct Cash Income Supplement will work for you when you have a job and when you don't.  

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What will the The Incentive Direct Cash Income accomplish?
1. Will it add a fresh infusion of steady revenue in to the economy?
2.  Will it promotes and empower self determination and greater self esteem
3.  Does it grant individuals the freedom to be empowered to give continued patronage?
4. Will it be enough money to effectively increase purchasing power, pay down large debt, enough to follow a dream?
5. Will recipients can become actively involved in supporting  vendors, local businesses, start ups performing artists & entertainment venues.
6. How will the Incentive change or improve the lives of recipients mentally, physically, emotionally, socially?
7. Did the Incentive solve problems or enable recipients to escape bad situations?
8. Will  a guaranteed direct cash income make  it easier to keep a job and include themselves in after work social events or participate in workplace activities?
 9. Do recipients feel more confident and better prepared for any personal or national crises?
10. Did the Incentive Direct Cash Income help you pay for housing, relocation, prevent homelessness?
11. Will the Incentive benefit society by contributing to better mental  stability, less depression, dependencies on drugs/alcohol and other addictions?
12. Will it contribute to lowering suicides by enabling more inclusion in social interaction and participation in community activities? 

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