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Stop the senseless slaughter of elephants

Recent news reports show that poachers have gone on a killing spree -- slaughtering over 200 elephants in Cameroon National Park. The slaughter was first discovered when scores of baby elephants, who lost their parents to poachers, were seen abandoned in the park.

The senseless killing of these majestic animals is the result of rampant demand for ivory in Asia and elsewhere. Ivory was banned due to the killing of stressed elephant populations in 1989, but poaching has been a problem ever since. Recently, harm to elephants due to poaching reached new extremes with 2011 being the worst year on record.

Please help to protect a treasure of our Earth. Please help to protect elephants from these terrible, senseless, and abusive practices that threaten their extinction.

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  • U.S. Congress, The Government of Cameroon, The United Nations, China

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