A Monument for WASP Needs Your Help!

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For more than half my life I have been woefully disappointed in the lack of recognition the WASP ladies of the US Army Air Force have been given. Hoping to hear a speech on Veterans' Day, a TV show, movie, something.

These brave women served as pilots of military planes during WWII. They helped train male pilots, towed practice targets, ferried people and planes from place to place. Yet they were top secret and could not tell anyone about their jobs. When killed in duty, their casket received no flag. Collections were taken by these aviators to get the body home. Families were prohibited from displaying gold star flags in their windows. Their records were sealed and classified until the late '70s. In fact, they didn't even receive Veteran status.

Eventually these great women were given Veteran status and some formal recognition. But I know a couple of people who think a memorial on the Washington Mall is long overdue. Aside from the generic memorial to females who have served. Stand alone achievements certainly deserve stand alone respect and appreciation. The public deserves to understand who these spitfire girls were and their too often swept under the table achievements. Give them their due!

There are a few great videos of news broadcasts on YouTube but I do not own the material and cannot play them here.