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US Congress: Stop the pollution of our waterways and drinking water

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“WE THE PEOPLE” believe that our right to clean water is being ignored by the politicians of the USA.
“WE THE PEOPLE” are petitioning our governments for drastic changes and to immediately STOP the way our drinking and bathing water is being bombarded with cancer causing chemicals, raw sewage, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals (legal and illegal), petrochemicals, etc… We want stronger legislation, enforcement and regulations, concerning polluting our waterways. Last year 3 MILLION Americans died from drinking contaminated water and 1 MILLION were reported sick, according to the Center on Disease Control.

“WE THE PEOPLE” want ONLY CLEAN WATER for drinking and bathing. We must have immediate change or we shall certainly perish. This madness must STOP!

“WE THE PEOPLE” demand that the following legislation be placed before the government of the USA immediately:
1. Implement more recycle programs: Place a 10 cent refund on every plastic, glass and metal container: These items must be returned for recycling, stop filling our landfills.
2. Stop the releasing of 25% of raw sewage into the waterways: Create and implement ideas such as water sheds, construct natural wetlands, water ponds and buffer strips to reduce pollutants in the water. Utilize systems whereby nature can naturally break down the sewage into the earth with little or no chemicals. Form a committee to actively seek the brightest minds in our Country for practical solutions that will work.
3. Create a public initiative and form a public committee of volunteers to enlist all Colleges and Universities to participate and submit a “Green UP USA” plan/program, which would entail required educational courses for students K-12, concerning the problem and solution to pollution, including damage/costs/lifetime effects to the water, air and land.

4. Educate future generations of students: All schools public and private, grades K-12, are required to teach and implement the “Green Up USA” programs Nationwide.

5. Stronger enforcement of the Clean Water Act. Form volunteer Watch Dogs/Inspectors to watch/ inspect all violators. Every municipality that is dumping raw sewage and garbage in any body of water be fined the maximum amount and all costs of the cleanup must be their responsibility cleaned up to the original state of the property or waterways. Volunteer groups to be set up through colleges and universities to form “Watch Dog/Inspectors Group” in every State/College Campus to monitored the illegal polluting of our waterways. Violators to be reported to proper authority for anyone caught dumping contaminants into our waterways by the “Only Clean Water Watch Group”.

It is our intent to gather and submit 5,000,000 signatures on this petition, so we can get the attention of the world’s elected representatives.
If our elected representatives do not make timely drastic changes to legislation and regulation to clean up our water; it is
the intent of “WE THE PEOPLE” to monitor their voting record, and to vote them out-of-office at the next election.
TAKE ACTION NOW, to save our families and loved ones from the effects and danger of drinking toxic “sick” water!
Thank you for making this "CHANGE"!

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