Stop Banning Dog Training Tools Before It's Too Late

Stop Banning Dog Training Tools Before It's Too Late

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Kaylyn Milton started this petition to US Congress and

Dear Reader,

This is an urgent message for law makers, dog owners, and dog trainers who care about BUILDING a healthy framework for dog training. 


Please read this carefully, it's not that long; take your time to understand the information that is being presented before you.

We are struggling in a world today where words are being used carelessly more and more frequently every DAY! This petition was created as a last chance option to bring some clarity and structure to the one-sided argument about dog training tools. 
If you're unaware, dog training tools are being banned because there are incompetent tests being done to see how they affect a dogs mind "scientifically" - but they are using the tools WRONGLY. I have personally read the data and methods of testing being used for those foolish ways of persuading authorities to create mass change in certain communities. Whether they are doing this intentionally is not my current prerogative.

If you aren't FOR aversive training tools, e-collars, prong collars, and off-leash training tools, this is not a message to try and persuade you.

Here is an excerpt from Duke Ferguson's website that beautifully describes how to fix this issue:
Tools VS. Methods! Why Banning Tools is Irresponsible
Duke Addresses Professional Dog Trainers and Pet Owners at his Workshop in Monroe, WA - USA
In today’s society too many people are getting training tools mixed up with methods.  Some people falsely believe “tools” such as E-collars, slip collars and pinch collars are abusive and should be banned….this could not be further from the truth. Good dog training needs relevant consequences both pleasant and unpleasant. Thats just life baby! The one sided extremism mindset, bullying and fighting between trainers needs to stop! Banning tools is Irresponsible and unacceptable and does not work. Education is most important!

"The pressure that is used with these common tools must be applied properly - it's NOT the tool that is the problem, it is the improper application that is unnacceptable. There are plenty of tools in our everyday world, it is not what they do that is good or bad: it is how they are used that makes them so.

My questions to you would be - what tool do YOU want to use? Is the dog happy? Yes or no. Is it working? Yes or no. And once you have answers to those simple questions, you can problem solve from there." (quotes taken from video below)

We need to stop fighting over these issues, and focus on educating people on what is possible in this beautiful world where we are FREE to make decisions based on the options we have available to us. I have seen how banning these tools kills more dogs - they wind up in a virtually endless cycle of being hurt in accidents or being put down in shelters. I PERSONALLY know people who been affected deeply by neglecting to use these tools.

Here is the link for this example:

I believe this petition does not need a long winded description, if you need more proof please see the resources listed here. 

Please check out some other well balanced trainers for helpful insight on this topic-
Tom Davis: Upstate Canine Educator
Duke Ferguson: Unleashed Potential
Larry Krohn: Pakmasters Dog Training

Thank you for reading my petition. Please sign it if you agree with us!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!