Split Up The States Before It's Too Late

Split Up The States Before It's Too Late

5 de diciembre de 2020
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Iniciada por Elliot Axelman

Since before 1776, patriots of all types and from all states have recognized that one central government could not and should not rule over all men in all states with an iron fist. The critical and foundational differences between the states and the 330 million Americans grow more evident and more frightening each day. It is hardly argued that Wyoming, California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Maine are identical in their desires or values. In fact, few people in any of those states wish to be controlled by politicians from DC. 

When feeling optimistic, Americans believe that they could 'win' enough elections and popular support to force their will (regarding abortion , immigration, guns , environment, drugs, economics , etc.) on their opponents. When pessimistic, we all fear that our opponents' representatives in DC will force their will on us; thus violating our most cherished rights. We have seen pockets of violence as the various sides clash in Minnesota, Oregon, and elsewhere. We know that it's only a matter of time before the violence is nationwide.

However, it does not have to be this way. Each state can and should govern itself. Let California be progressive and let Idaho be conservative. 

Conservatives from South Carolina hate that they are forced by politicians to pay taxes towards a government that endorses open borders and abortion.

Progressives from New York hate that they must support a government that contributes billions of tons of carbon to the atmosphere. 

Libertarians from New Hampshire hate paying taxes that go towards the multi-trillion dollar cost of fighting military battles in 180 countries around the globe. 

And the list goes on ...

Reasonable people agree that an amicable divorce is preferable to resentment, misery, and inevitable violence. 

All 50 states would benefit immensely from sovereignty. They would be able to truly govern themselves how they see fit. Their individuals would keep their federal income taxes (around $ 20,000 per year) to spend however they please. Federal regulations (nearly all of which are unconstitutional, immoral, and destructive to liberty and prosperity) would cease to exist and each state could implement the regulations that they truly support. 

Once we split into sovereign states, we would certainly continue to trade with and support our neighbors. In fact, once our neighbors are not trying to force their values ​​on us and violate us, we would be more likely to mend our relationships with them. 

I love my brothers and sisters in California and New York. But I do not wish to live under their thumb with my liberties being abridged by their laws; I prefer to love them from afar - from a place which is unaffected by their irreconcilably different opinions, cultures, and laws. 

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