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Reverse the Sequester Cuts

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There was an election in 2012 and President Obama won. He ran on a simple platform regarding the budget; a balanced approach that included eliminating the temporary tax handouts that the Bush Administration gave to the top 2% of wealthiest people (who like Governor Romney, pay less percentage-wise in taxes than do their secretaries, and far less than they have ever paid historically). Well America needs our money back so we can invest in our children, our infrastructure and safeguard our social safety net that protects our elder citizens, people with disabilities and those living below the poverty line, many of whom are working multiple jobs.

When President Bush was president, Congress happily agreed to fund two wars without paying for them along with a redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the wealthiest Americans, not to mention all the tax breaks to multinational corporations many of which pay 0 in taxes.

It is a fact that the deficit, as a % of GDP, has been going steadily down, under President Obama and that the calls for austerity are just another disinformation campaign to take more money from the middle class and the poor who can’t afford it. If you believe the Government needs more money, and you are unwilling to raise taxes on the top 2%, which Americans have already voted for, then by all means cut some spending. Here are some suggestions:

1. Replace congressional salaries with the federal minimum wage – this will save millions of taxpayer dollars and help attract only sincere applicants who do this for the love of service to Country.
2. Cut government subsidies for the fossil fuel, agribusiness and banking industries.
3. Cut defense spending in half, we’d still be outspending all other countries combined by a factor of 10.

These simple tips should solve the financial problem with money to spare. And in case you’re confused, this is not a joke.

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