Require Congress to Justify its Actions

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Our laws are public and everyone must abide by them. Also, the people must decide who should be making the laws. Therefore, the people need to know what goes in to making these laws. This means that the people need to know the rationale lawmakers used, the facts that support their decision, and it needs to be presented in an understandable way.  This information needs to be accessible to the public.

The necessary constitutional causes should be cited, interpreted, and applied to each bill from the start.

The effects of each bill must be described clearly, accurately and completely. This means both positive and negative effects as well as intended and possible unintended effects. All factual support should be provided to show why it is believed the law will have such effects.  Possible conflicts should be disclosed as well. Lawmakers who do not describe these effects in good faith should be disciplined. Dissenting facts and opinions should be included.

Lawmakers must also justify each law to the people.  The effects should be justified as well including how the positive effects outweigh the negative, how the negative effect do not over burden one group of people, and how any risks and uncertainties are appropriate.

This should be a continuous process for each bill through out its life.  People should be able to voice their opinions before laws are passed.  Sign if you demand greater accountability from Congress.

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