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US Congress, President Obama, Health and Human Services,: To Stop the immediate removal of my grandmother to lower care facility

The reason why I am filing this petition is because I believe like every American we have rights " by our creator, Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness". My Grandmother Catalina Blanco came to this country to be free and pursuit her happiness by having equal part of law. Not being drag out of LTAC facility like Select Hospital here in Houston TX. She does have many complex issues like being in dialyses and a ventilator patient. My family and i have fought hard with medicare by going to the two levels of appeals which has been unsuccessful.

Now Grandma and my family might be held in contempt if not..
" Immediately consent to a transfer to a skilled nursing facility that will accept Blanco for treatment, immediately sign all paperwork necessary to authorize the transfer of Blanco to such skilled nursing facility, and immediately and continually cooperate with Specialty Select in its efforts to transfer Blanco to the facility; "

But where is the right to due process if we have the right to Appel with Medicare 3, 4, or even 5 times. Please try to show compassion by signing this petition, in order to have my grandmother to stay where she at. Or let Grandma be sentence to death by big business and big corporations.

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