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Pass the Hire Just One Act through US Congress NOW!!

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If you like the idea of having state governments assign unemployment compensation checks to companies as an incentive to hire immediately (providing that the new job pays at least double the unemployment) , then sign our petition. We want to get enough signatures to show our U.S. Representatives in Congress that citizens agree and companies are willing to hire a new employee if they had a little financial help.


Hire Just One Act Description:

The Hire Just One Act Draft in Congress establishes the authority for States to implement a financial incentive to business that are profitable to hire new employees immediately.

The government must implement a financial incentive for businesses that is too good to resist.

Under the incentive plan; Businesses are assigned weekly unemployment compensation payments of each person they hire who has been out of work at least six months. Here are the requirements:

·         The new job must pay at least twice the unemployment benefits.

·         The company must not eliminate another position to take advantage of this program.

·         The Hire Just One jobs initiative is offered for a maximum of 120 days after legislation is enacted as an incentive for businesses to enroll immediately.

It doesn't just work for businesses, and it doesn't just work for individuals; it works for everyone. It won't take any extra money from the government, and it has the potential to create three to four million good-paying American jobs within just 120 days. To put this in perspective, that would reduce national unemployment by 1%.

It's not democratic or republican, liberal or conservative; it's just pragmatic. We can't let politics get in the way of helping our fellow Americans. We need the people's support to get this Act passed. Sign the petition, contact your government representatives, tell your friends and family -- do anything you can to put America back to work.

For comments and questions or to get involved, please feel free to contact us:

Theodore Caputi

Public Relations Director

1 – (443) 993 - 9461


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